Jason Webb

Your Horsemanship, based near Goudhurst, Kent, was launched by Jason in 2002 and his modern, common sense approach to traditional Australian training methods are used to help riders and their horses at every level. Jason’s success is also reflected on his articles in various Equestrian media, nationwide consultations, clinics and courses.

It was the natural properties of Caviera`s Raviera Pro, their flag ship sterilised Rape Straw bedding, that really struck a cord with Jason and his staff. Compared with traditional beddings such as shavings and other wood based products, rape straw rots and breaks down faster and doesn’t rob the land of nitrogen when spread. Having a natural, organic, and well rotted manure is a massive bonus for farmers and land owners who are looking for cheaper and more natural sources of fertiliser.

For any yard where muck heaps are eventually used for muck spreading, keeping the heaps as small as possible to save on space and to reduce the costs of removal, makes swapping your bedding a serious proposition.

1459055_10152839130911855_381267106870351002_n DSC06962 low resHere’s Jason at a recent open day, spot the innovative use of our Raviera Pro bales as temporary seating!

Jason commented ‘Most horses come to us for between 2 – 8 weeks, and my team had been on the look out for a high quality bedding that’s efficient to muck out and worked well with our rota system. I think it’s important that bedding should be from sustainable sources, and can also be used to benefit the land. We don’t take on a change such as moving our whole yard onto new bedding lightly, but when a bedding performs this well, I’m happy to recommend it to any yard.’