Product Overview

Oil Seed Rape straw is fast becoming the bedding of choice for professional and amateur horse riders across the UK. The straw is chopped then dust extracted creating a very soft bedding that remains highly absorbent, holds its structure well avoiding big hocks from impact with a hard floor and helps to improve your horse’s breathing in the stable. Raviera horse bedding will compost quicker than any other natural bedding, reducing labour and large muck piles.

All our horse bedding products are supplied in 20kg bags, but are highly compressed meaning a little goes a long way and giving you a long lasting, affordable and quality product.

Key Features

  • 100% Pure Oil Seed Rape Straw
  • Chopped and dust extracted
  • Baled between 9% and 12% moisture
  • Highly absorbent
  • Dust extracted
  • Can be treated to discourage eating and aid respiratory health
  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy to muck out
  • Easy disposal and rots quickly
  • Forms a good dense bed
  • Highly compressed, non clumping 20kg bags
  • Ready to use, no preparation required
  • Excellent characteristics for other animals such as poultry and rabbits!

How to use Raviera horse bedding

For a totally new bed, our customers suggest that 2 bales are sufficient for a 12ft x 12ft stable, where the bedding covers approximately half the floor including banking.

Caviera bedding is flexible enough to be fully mucked out daily, or deep bedded, skipping out droppings daily and removing wet bedding as desired.

If possible, its a good idea to brush the bedding back to let your floor or matting dry but this isnโ€™t essential. ย Put your horse bedding back in place, building banks to avoid casting, just like you would for shavings.