Dust extracted, absorbent horse bedding Caviera Horse Bedding

“Myself, my horses & grooms love Caviera bedding” Sophie Wells OBE

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Raviera with Lavender

The Lavender infusion gives a pleasant, calming scent and discourages bed eating.

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Extremely absorbent, Cavianthus is an ideal horse bedding solution for heavily wet and soiled stables.

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Oil Seed Rape straw is dust extracted and a popular choice of horse bedding thoughout the equine world.

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Raviera Pro

Sterlised and dust extracted, Raviera Pro horse bedding is ideal for those concerned about allergies.

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Caviera Classic

A traditional wheat straw bedding, chopped and dust extracted for ultimate convenience.

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Caviera’s product range has been created to provide professional and amateur horse owners with a high performing, dust extracted, highly absorbent and fast rotting bedding. After a lot of research before we began production, listening carefully to veterinary experts, equestrian professionals and our customers who expressed that high levels of dust was the biggest problem with some shavings and other traditional types of bedding. Taking all this into consideration we built our processing plant around this core idea of dust extraction. This along with with the rigorous quality control over our straw products and baling methods makes our bedding unique and offers the customer a superior, cost effective and sustainable horse bedding.

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“I wanted to find the best bedding for our horses and our staff , so we tested many different types of bedding and Raviera Pro came out on top. It is dust free, absorbent, easy to muck out and takes less time each day so our staff are delighted with the choice.”  Harry Meade

“The barn smells amazing, its quick and easy to muck out with little waste as it’s really absorbent, so the muck heap is much smaller. The fact it’s not dusty was a big reason I chose the bedding as the horse’s respiratory health is so important.” Sophie Wells OBE

High performing, dust extracted horse bedding

About Caviera

We have built a business based on high moral standards as we take pride in providing only the best Straw and Hay from good farming methods which shows in our products today.

Caviera has been established by A.N.Walker & Son due to the demand for our straw and hay over the years and the constant requests from our customers to produce bedding for their animals.

Caviera bedding is run by Nick Walker who personally oversees every stage of production from start to finish. We plant the crop, care for it throughout the year and then harvest it. Once harvested we then bale the crop and store it inside one of our sheds ready to be then taken out and processed.

When we bale our crops we make sure that it is at the optimal moisture content by testing it continuously so that no harmful mould or spores can grow which can lead to high levels of microtoxins which can cause respiratory problems.

We can also trace each bale to the field it came from knowing when and how it was baled and compare it to previous years and other surrounding crops taking into account weather conditions throughout the year. This enables us to monitor our crop production and maximise yields and quality.

Watch Caviera

Using Caviera Bedding is simple

Here’s a quick example of how to set up a new Raviera with Lavender bed.

The Making of Raviera with Lavender
Watch our quick video about the making of Raviera with Lavender horse bedding, dust extracted, scented and highly absorbent.

Harry Meade on Caviera
Jess Errington, Head Girl at Harry Meade Eventing, talking about the benefits of using Raviera Pro and Raviera with Lavender for the entire yard.