Oil Seed Rape straw is dust extracted and a popular choice of horse bedding thoughout the equine world...

Raviera Pro

Sterlised and dust extracted, Raviera Pro horse bedding is ideal for those concerned about allergies...


Extremely absorbent, Cavianthus is an ideal horse bedding solution for heavily wet and soiled stables...

NEW! Raviera with Lavender

The Lavender infusion gives a pleasant, calming scent & discourages bed eating

Welcome to Caviera Horse Bedding – manufacturers of high quality, dust extracted horse bedding.

Caviera horse bedding is the newest premium quality horse bedding supplier in the UK. Manufactured from carefully controlled straw based fibres, Caviera Bedding are the ultimate in low dust, high absorption bedding that is supportive and comfortable for your horse.

Here’s Jess Errington, Head Girl at Harry Meade Eventing, talking about the benefits of using Raviera Pro and Raviera with Lavender for the entire yard.



The Caviera horse bedding range offers a unique and natural bedding solution made from sustainable crops, providing a more cost effective and more absorbent bedding for horses than conventional straw or wood shavings.  Our range includes:

  • Raviera and Raviera Pro – Oil Seed Rape Straw
  • Cavianthus – Miscanthus Grass
  • Raviera with Lavender

We are an established family business that has been farming for generations and our experience, quality control and passion is shown in our product range. Our customers include happy hackers to professional racing yards, all of who see the benefit of our quality dust extracted horse bedding.  We plant all our crops, harvest them, and then bale them, before processing them allowing us to oversee the entire production from start to finish, and allowing us to ensure high quality control throughout. The Caviera range is the natural choice for people who care about the environment and giving their horses affordable and quality horse bedding.

Check out how our dust extracted horse bedding compares against traditional horse bedding such as wood shavings and wood pellets on our comparison chart.

Watch our quick video about the making of Cavianthus horse bedding, dust extracted, hard wearing and highly absorbent:

Buy from your local stockists, or for larger orders, we can deliver to you.


  • Team ACE

    “We are highly vigilant of any new products that our horses come into contact with, the smallest of viruses can greatly effect performance levels, so when we came across Raviera Pro, we were quite excited! The trials and testing has convinced us that its the best bedding for the whole team.” Aoife Clark
  • Eilberg Dressage

    “We’ve tried every bedding over the years, some with better results than others, but we’re really quite excited to have the Raviera Pro and Lavender. We’re both family businesses and were on the same wave length and that should hopefully help toward a long and successful relationship with Caviera.” Geri Eilberg
  • Harry Meade Eventing

    “I wanted to find the best bedding for our horses and our staff , so we tested many different types of bedding and Raviera Pro came out on top. It is dust free, absorbent and easy to keep clean so the stables are a healthy environment for our horses. It’s easy to muck out and takes less time each day so our staff are delighted with the choice.” Harry Meade
  • Parklands Equestrian

    …the growth in popularity of the range of products has increased dramatically in such a short space of time. We feel this is due to the quality of the product being so high, we hope to keep increasing sales to new customers while keeping all our existing customers happy with a great product.
  • Thomas Irvings

    The growth in sales was very quick, due to many factors including its consistent high quality, great absorbency and affordability, and the packaging is great too!

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Cavianthus (Miscanthus) Horse Bedding

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