Looking after your horse’s stable need not become a chore. Read our tips for creating a comfortable environment for your horse.

Choose a horse bedding that is absorbent, dust free and has a good spread volume. The best bedding is light and fluffy yet structured and will act as a cushioning layer for your horse to rest his limbs. A clean and tidy bed will also encourage your horse to lie down, to roll and to feel good.

Stable work is not easy and it is important to develop an efficient routine so you can spend more time with your horse. A good horse bedding is lightweight yet dense enough to from a secure bed. Make sure you choose a bedding that allows you to make a firm base and to create supportive banks around the edges. Putting down a good bed and taking the time to maintain it will save you a lot of time, energy and money.

When you muck out remove the obvious droppings being careful not to take out clean bedding at the same time. Saving clean bedding saves money and trips to the muck heap.
An absorbent bedding will tend to collect the wet and dirty waste at its base. This can easily be revealed by scraping back the base layer and removing the waste. Remember to sweep the floor underneath to keep the bed fresh.

It’s worth investing in good quality tools that you find easy to work with. It’s a matter of personal preference when it comes to the size of wheelbarrow for example you need to balance out reducing the number of trips to the muck heap with whether you can easily empty a full wheelbarrow.

Try to keep stable fittings to a minimum so that your horse can enjoy his space. Look carefully at the stable layout and place his water where he is less likely to knock it over. Similarly feed hay where he can still be involved in watching the yard activity or else he might trample it into the bed.

Choose your routine and horse bedding carefully and you should have more time to ride and enjoy your horse!