Thomas Irvings, Chesterfield

“We launched Caviera’s range of horse bedding in April 2012, and it has been a superb new product line for us. The growth in sales was very quick, due to many factors including its consistent high quality, great absorbency and affordability, and the packaging is great too! It’s quick and easy to muck out, so customers are saving both time and money without compromising the quality of their horses bedding. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending any of Caviera’s products to our customers.”

John Jenkins Racing

Royston, Hertfordshire

“Since using Raviera Pro horse bedding for the first time this season, I have found the bedding to be of the highest standard, very absorbent, clean, soft and especially dust free which is great for maintaining the horses healthy respiratory system. I would recommend this bedding for all equines both in the professional and leisure industry.”

Becci Harrold Eventing

“I have been using Caviera bedding now for 2 years for my Event horses. A benefit to being on Raviera Pro is that they always compete well with no breathing difficulties. It is so easy to use and you can muck out in seconds. Great for grey’s as stays very clean and ideal for wet horses as super absorbent. I cannot recommend it enough, great quality bedding at an affordable price.”

Parklands Equestrian Supplies, Richard Sampson

“We have been working with Caviera bedding right from the start and are happy to say the growth in popularity of the range of products has increased dramatically in such a short space of time. We feel this is due to the quality of the product being so high, we hope to keep increasing sales to new customers while keeping all our existing customers happy with a great product.”